Established since 2003 in Givet, city of the French Ardennes, country of legends and traditions located near Belgium.

The Biscuiterie Latour, offers you its Traditional and Professional Know-How, Quality and Taste of the Truth.
A state-of-the-art craft sector: the hand-crafted spirit and the know-how preserved and enriched by an industrial performance caring about excellence in food.


  • Inheritance of food
  • Timeless recipe
  • Flavours enchantment
  • A reinvented past
  • Magic of an artistry craft
  • Respect of the tradition
  • Experience and Creativity
  • Craft passion and Strictness

Authenticity of the Traditional Know-How and Control of modern techniques.


Gourmet waffles.

Memories of scents and flavours subtly simple, sometimes lost but never forgotten…

Truth of natural and noble ingredients, timeless gourmet Recipes. Golden waffles pampered in a well-treated packaging.

An uncompromising luxury.
Creation of natural products, without any additive, colouring or preservative owing to a state-of-the-art technology in specialized facilities equipped with high-performance machinery, where hygiene and food safety are an integral part of our quality demand.